A Boomer's Blog

Notes for the Boomer Generation by Linda Paul

A Boomer’s Blog

Linda Paul

I’m a boomer, writer, mother, veteran, ‘extra’ actress, ukulele teacher and some other things.  There are a LOT of us boomers around, and I think we have a lot to say.  Wisdom to share.  Opinions to spout.  Rants to blather on and on about until our friends and family are sick of us.   I’ll post with hope for wisdom, but sometimes it will only be opinion.  I’ll post with hope to entertain, but sometimes it will backfire and just make people mad.

I used to live in the wonderful city of Portland, Oregon where much of the population is artsy fartsy, hipsters, forest-trail-hiking outdoorsmen, FISHERMEN, pub-crawling darts players, WRITERS, soccer and basketball fans, MUSICIANS, and, thanks to Leverage, Grimm and newer shows, television extras.  While I lived there I was able to dabble in all of these fun pastimes.

Now I live in Central Florida where I still write and teach ukulele. The winters have been very nice and I love sitting on the beach with a good book! Even with Covid still in the air, I do have a few brave souls who are planning a visit in 2022. Things are looking up!

My blog is about everyday things that concern those of us who are now stepping into our eighth decade on earth, shocked by the number of birthday candles we now have, but still ready to go to a Springsteen concert the moment a ticket falls into our lap.  Or, for some, Barry Manilow.  (I heart them both!)

Brothers and Babes in Boomerhood…..  this blog’s for us!

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