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Surgery and Politics

My first blog started in 2011 and never really took off.  Here is the last entry I made in that blog, in March 2012.  I’ve been recovering from some painful dental surgery this month and haven’t been posting as often.  So I offer this up and hope it will suffice.  As the election approaches, it seems relevant.  Don’t forget to watch the debate Wednesday nite!

 March 21, 2012  Politics for those who have time.

I’m kind of in the middle of the boomer population wave that swept the country
after WWII.  My dad participated in that war, along with many other boomers’
dads (and some moms).

Age 62 now, I received my second ever Social Security check today.  I’m thrilled to have it, so happy to be free at last.  But this morning, there was more bad news from our Congress.  The latest budget proposal provides for upping the retirement age for medicare and social security to 67.  And for cancelling the Affordable Health Care Act.

For many folks, this means they won’t have health insurance if they can’t last at their jobs until they reach their late sixties.  Do you have a job that you will be able to perform into your late sixties?  Will the nation’s employers be able to provide health insurance for these extra years?  Many employers kick their employees and retirees off their health insurance rolls when they become eligible for Medicare.  They can’t afford to do otherwise.

     I became embroiled in a Facebook brouhaha this morning about this issue, futilely arguing with some former high school classmates about what they call ‘entitlement’ and ‘job creators’.  I have fondness for some of these people, happy childhood memories and all, so I’m sad that I am not skilled enough to get them to consider a different view.  I’ll never convince some of them that their best interests are not being served by corporations or by our current tax codes, or by the endless bloody wars.  It all devolves into a silly argument with aspersions
about teleprompters, vacation days, birth certificates, and the price of the president’s suit.

Retirement has given me some time to reflect on these things, to look
things up and educate myself about what is happening in our country.  This is a
blessing and a curse.  I can’t go back to being a person who does not pay
attention, and I can’t stop myself from trying to give good information to my
old friends when I see that they’ve got their facts wrong.

The lesson I have learned today is — volunteer to register voters, help out at your local precinct and don’t get involved in political arguments on the Facebook.  We’ll see if I can manage to do that!


 The surgery info:  I bit my tongue, literally, and created a little bump on the tip of my tongue.  At least, that’s where I thought the bump came from.  If this ever happens to you, and your dentist sends you to an oral surgeon, and the oral surgeon won’t give an opinion but is insistent that you need to remove it…….  well, just don’t.  Just don’t.  Yes, this is foolhardy advice, and I have peace of mind now, knowing that it was nothing, but, next to childbirth, it was the most painful thing I have ever done.  The Vicodin combined with the 800 mg of ibuprofen only made a thin, frayed little cushion against the misery of the next two weeks.  There were several stitches involved, and I spoke with a lisp, using as few words as possible because my tongue would get tired and then hurt more.  I ate soup and noodles for several days and wished I had left the damn bump there!

Anyway, I’m back in the saddle again, more blather coming soon.


Critique-al Mass

Some of my fellow writer friends and I want to start a critique group.  We all live in the same part of the huge metropolitan area…. none of us would have to cross any bridges or traverse glogged freeways to meet up.  But where?  The library charges money.  The Senior Center doesn’t have a room for 4 to 6 writers to sit around talking about their work.  Restaurants are noisy.  My apartment, frankly, is a dump.  My project today is to Do Something About All These Damn Books.

Well…  about the apartment….  I just moved a couple of months ago and still have boxes here and there.  But the real problem is the books.  Stacks and stacks of them.   Books I read years ago.  Books I’m in the middle of reading now.  The hundred or so that are “To Be Read”.  The reference books, which one doesn’t ever really read.  They are only to be referred to.  In emergencies.  That probably explains the dozen books I have on Surviving the Zombie Apocalypse, The Complete Worst-Case Scenario Survival Guide, How to Survive the End of the World As We Know It, The Field Manual FM-21-76 US Army Survival Manual and 75,000 Baby Names.  Wait, that last one is in the wrong pile.

So, of my thousand books, the reference section is quite extensive.  There are the 31 cookbooks, most of which have only been used during the annual Hallo-Giv-Mas three-month-long food fest that is part of my heritage.  Not to mention my waistline.  I could use some of these cookbooks to create treats for my writer’s critique group and invite them here…. if only I could dig out from under the books to make some room for guests.  Should I use the books to create chairs, instead?

I also have 17 books on Organization.  Organizing from Within.  Stop the Clutter.  It’s All Too Much.  One Minute Organizer, Unclutter Your Mind, Clutter’s Last Stand…..  as soon as I can decide on the best spot for the organizing books, I’ll read a few of them.  Most of them are in the “To Be Read” category.

Well, of course there are other categories.  There are the wishful thinking shelves filled with gardening and home repair books.  I have been an apartment and condo dweller for most of the last fifteen years.  But I know how to change out the flush assembly in a toilet and diagram the central fuse box.  Actually, that does come in handy, even in an apartment.  Better hang on to that book.

Finally, there are all the writing books.  How To Write A Romance, Memoir, Screenplay, A Book In Thirty Days, How to Write How To Books, How to Write When You Can’t Write, How to Write When You Are Surrounded By Mountains of Books and There Is No Room For Your Damn Critique Group To Sit Down And Eat A Cookie.

I will take that last one off the To Be Read list right now.

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